Self Storage and Covid-19

Like many business Covid-19 has impacted the Self Storage industry and our locally family owned business.

Every single person has had plans cancelled, events postponed, family they have gone without seeing… our lives have been affected! Some days it’s harder than others as there are things we all want to be doing. But for now, we need to do what is asked of us; social distance, wash your hands, stay home, wear a mask. It’s slightly different depending on where you live. At our secure self storage facility we are doing what we can to keep our customers safe keeping your distance from other tenants, even your neighbours is very achievable.

At our facility there were stories of people who moved to the region right before lockdown 1.0, only to have all their plans go out the window. We welcomed various new tenants who had to put their belongings into one our secure self storage units short term and we were more than happy to be able to assist them.

On a positive note: During all the madness our facility turned 1! Not everyone was in the partying mood but as a family we were so proud to see our dreams become a reality and have a secure self storage facility we were proud of. To celebrate our birthday we decide to give a little back and offer all new tenant who move in during the month of July a 2nd month for FREE. We know it’s tough and it felt great to find a way to celebrate without giving your kids a balloon to take home and pester you with… every parents pet hate! We get it.

There are endless social media posts, information flyers, newspaper articles, press conferences all telling us how to stay safe and how to prevent the spread of Covid-19 but we need to remain connected. It’s become apparent to me how important people are in our lives, people who have an impact and presence in our lives on a daily basis are dearly missed right now. So my 1 advice to you is simply, pick up the phone and make that call or send that text. We all need connection, to our community and to each other. At No Shed Sherlock our connection to the community is strong and when the time is right we can’t wait to share all our plans with you.