How to pick a self storage facility that suits your needs

When there are multiple self storage facilities in Mildura picking one that works for you can be a simply choice or it might be one you put off. Of course we believe the best choice for secure self storage in Mildura is No Shed Sherlock but some would say we are a little biased.

Secure self storage mildura, How to choose a self storage facility.

When choosing a self storage facility here are a few points to consider;

  • Is my self storage facility a secure site
  • Will my self storage unit be a safe and secure unit to store my belongings in
  • Will I have 24hr access to my unit
  • How easy is the self storage facility to navigate
  • If I move in using a removalist, will the truck be able to access the self storage facility and my unit
  • Is the self storage facility clean and well presented? Because lets face it someone who takes pride in their facility are the perfect people to look after your belongings
  • If the self storage facility centrally located

Its a competitive market. So more often then not various facilities will have similar if not the sames prices. Price is an important aspect but its important to consider the points mentioned earlier and factor this into your decision when choosing a secure self storage facility.

The self storage industry has grown dramatically in recent years. At No Shed Sherlock we are proud to be members of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA). Being a member allows us to be on the front foot with new technologies, stay up to date with changing legislation’s within the industry (making sure you and us are doing the right thing) and gives us access to information and services that ensure we are leader in the self storage industry. Using a SSAA member facility gives you extra peach of mind when choosing a self storage facility.