Declutter – Remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place).

“there’s no better time to declutter your home”  – Definition from Oxford Dictionaries

There are so many feelings we can tie to a cluttered space. Weather it’s a cluttered space in the home, shed or office it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, unorganised or even give you a sense of  ‘drowning’. For me, messy house = messy head!

The reality is we all have items we aren’t using but cannot or do not want to part with. At No Shed Sherlock you can get a secure storage unit, close to Mildura CBD from $25 a week that will allow you to move unnecessary items from your space and bring back the joy and productivity to that area.

A secure self storage unit allows you to keep your items but not have them under your feet.

With 24 hour access you can come and go whenever you want; our facility is under lights with CCTV for added security and your unit is individually alarmed so you can rest easy knowing you items are safe and secure.